Too many glasses to use

Too Many Glasses To Use

This is a collection of twenty or so glasses made up of gifts from different people. Some of these were wedding presents, including some bought by the recipient's brother. He brought the glasses all the way from Los Angeles to the UK on a plane, and they arrived in one piece, but the recipients hardly dare use them as they've survived a trans-Atlantic flight. "...we kind of feel we can’t do anything with, like we daren’t even use them"

These glasses aren't the kind you can use and put in the dishwasher. They "sit, looking kind of austere, […] we’ve got cut glass ones […] it would be nice if we had the queen come to stay."

They're in the kitchen in a special cupboard, but as it's a small kitchen they take up valuable space. They can't be given away, because they're all presents.

Julia Keyte 2012