Snack dish in shed waiting to be polished

Snack Dish In Shed Waiting To Be Polished

This aluminium snack dish is part of a range of metalware. Every year the recipients are gifted a new item from the range.

"When it’s new it’s quite desirable, slick stuff, but it doesn’t take much use before it gets stained, and knackered basically, because it’s aluminium. […] It kind of upsets my aesthetic sensibilities because of the wobbliness of the edge, it just looks like, well you know it cost 60 dollars but it just looks like a 10 dollar thing"

If you put guacamole in it for more than 20 minutes it looks like an ashtray!

"[…] every time I look at it I feel really guilty because, there’s also the knowledge that when the relatives visit, I’ll have to get it out the shed, and spend half an afternoon polishing it back up again. […]I’ve even got a little reason worked out as to why it might be in the shed, so that if they arrive and it’s not there, ‘Do you use your snack dish?’ ‘Yes, it’s in the shed, and it needed polishing, that’s why it’s in the shed where all the polishing kit is.'"

Julia Keyte 2012