Julia's faceted stone behind the front door

Julia's Faceted Stone Behind The Front Door

"This faceted stone was a gift from a favorite uncle. I think he thought I'd appreciate it because I'm a jeweller. But I think it's been crudely made on a sanding belt. The facets don't meet up properly on the corners! I'm a bit pedantic about things like that, becauseI'm a jeweller. It also doesn't seem to have a function.

I was slightly shocked when I got it - I felt misunderstood. I hope I accepted it graciously and didn't betray the affront I felt to my professional integrity! It hung around the house for a while - I can't remember where, but it was probably in the front room which was a bit of a dumping-ground at the time. I remember feeling frustrated at having acquired another inappropriate object to house. Then it spent a long time (probably a couple of years - bit embarassed about that) behind the front door with other objects destined for the charity shop. In the photo there is a free gift from an internet order, and a plastic model my husband bought for himself. Those two things made it out of the house during a clear-out in preparation for the new baby. The faceted stone came back into the house.

I think engaging in the Objects in Purgatory project prompted me to reevaluate it, and to reflect on the generous gesture from our treasured uncle. At the moment it lives on a shelf in the front room in front of some books. The books are novels, so they are quite small and there is plenty of room. There are other objects of a similar size on the shelf and they are above eye level, so it is not really very noticable. And we're used to having it around now, anyway."

Julia Keyte 2012