Graduation owl ornament

Graduation Owl From Mother

"My object in purgatory is a graduation commemorative ornament in the shape of an owl with a mortar board and a little scroll. It was given to me as a present from my Mum on (obviously) graduation day. It’s still in its box, it’s currently living in the attic, in the loft.It’s moved around the house, on various bookshelves, and in various hidden corners, anywhere where it can’t be seen. I absolutely hate it, I think it’s really cheesy, it’s not my style at all.. bit tacky, expensive though... but it holds really special memories of that day, and also conjures up this image of my proud Mum on graduation day, because my sister never went to university. I can’t bring myself to throw it away or give it to a charity shop, I can’t put it on display, but it’s moved house with us various times. It was a nice present but not [a] very nice object."

Julia Keyte 2012