Fur coat worn in private

Fur Coat Worn In Secret

"My Aunty for my graduation gave me a treasured present that she actually had made herself... it was a handmade fur trimmed jacket, she used to make fur coats, and reared the rabbits herself".

This was a present on the recipient's graduation. It was treasured by the giver, who wore it with pride.

"I just struggle with it because of the fur, and I said I appreciated it but I don’t know if I’ll wear this, but she said well, just wear it on the school run darling, see how it goes"

"...but I just felt so uncomfortable wearing it, and I love it, it feels so nice, I can wear it in the house, […] it’s just been kept in my wardrobe since my graduation for the past four years, and worn around the house, when I’m cold, […] I do feel quite embarassed with all the stigma of wearing fur and wearing it out in public… I would never ever part with it."

Julia Keyte 2012