Carriage clock on Ikea bookcase

Carriage Clock Loved At Last

This submission demonstrates how an object's value develops over a period of time, and in relation to the spaces in which it is kept.

The carriage clock has undergone subtle transformations in value over time. The participant believes it to be of little material value and probably acquired by the giver as a free gift. The clock was initially kept simply because it was felt appropriate to do so in acceptance of the gift. It was kept in a peripheral space; the office, on a shelf with books where it could be displayed discreetly. It was brought to the attention of the recipients every now and again as it was the subject of a commonplace ritual; changing the batteries. However it was eventually superseded in its function by a nearby computer and the batteries were no longer changed. Following the death of the giver the object acquired more positive associations, and it became harder to contemplate getting rid of. Ultimately its status has been elevated and its location referred to as ‘a bit of a shrine’, as a photograph of the giver has been placed nearby.

Julia Keyte 2012