Brilliant 1970's telephone

Brilliant 1970's Telephone

"My object in purgatory is a very nice 1970s telephone, that was exactly like the one we used to have at home when I was a kid. I actually bought it from a charity shop, and gave it a home, […] and we had it for ages, but it kind of fell victim to the er, the digital age shall we say. It was very analogue, and not particularly good for doing telephone banking, cause you get the option ‘dial 1’ […]. So consequently, I had come home from work and my wife had been trying to do some telephone banking, not very successfully, and got incredily fraustrated, and ripped it out of the wall and thrown it across the room. I tried to fix it but just couldn’t. I got a little kit to try and put the cables back in the connector but it just never worked... I couldn’t really bear to throw it away, cause it was so cool […]. I just didn’t know what else to do with it so it lives in a box, somewhere, I think in the loft,[…] I’ll get round to fixing it one day I’m sure."

Julia Keyte 2012