Pro-activecampaign badges

In exchange for telling us about their Object in Purgatory, contributors to the exhibition at SIA Gallery (May 2011) were each given a campaign badge, designed and made by jeweller Julia Keyte.

The badges are carefully constructed from embossed cartridge paper, microcrystalline wax and a dress-making pin. Each one features an image of somebody else's Object in Purgatory, giving the object a new voice, and a new value.

Badge page images copy

The badges can be worn or stood up on a surface.

Badges haveunique potential as a tool for communication, and the Campaign actively harnesses this. They extend the Campaign beyond the exhibition space, and create dialogue.

To keep or not to keep?

Whilst the materials are of little apparent worth, the brooches embody an obvious investment of labour on the part of the maker, creating a contradiction in value and a dilemma for the recipient: should you keep it, and care for it?

Julia Keyte 2012